Thursday, 24 August 2017

How can I get instant support for Adobe products?

If you are the who is looking for an answer to getting instant support Adobe product, then this blog is certainly going to help you in settling the problems you face. Adobe is a world famous American multi-national computer software provider. It is a family of various types’ of software programs from imaging to editing. Either you are at home or office, Adobe software programs are found everywhere because too much related to multimedia is being done by its products. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PDF, Adobe After Effects and so on products are widely used by the people across the world. However, technical complications are always coming in users’ ways, when they utilize any of its software. 

When it emerges before you, then you should immediately contact the technical experts of Adobe Help Number. They are the ones who are large enough to get you out the problems in a short while. It is the best way to settle any tech issue of Adobe products. There are numerous issues that you can discover during using this and some of those are most common ones which have mentioned below.

1.    Installation complications
2.    Slow running of the software
3.    Sudden crashes
4.    Tools are not working
5.    Key errors and more.
These are the common problems that users face and not able to fix. At this time, they have only a question that is how to get instant resolution of the issues? If you also have the same question in your mind, then you must talk to the technicians. Technicians are the ones who are having a great knowledge in this arena as well as familiar with every kind of tech issue of Adobe. They will provide you with the exact solution for any problems that is not letting you focus on your work.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

What should a Hotmail user do to get rid of login issue?

Hotmail is one of the oldest email clients as well as having millions of people’s account. The reason why people create their first emails account or accounts on this is its best and quality security of accounts. Hotmail was first introduced in 1996 and after some years, Microsoft took this in under its cooperation. Now it is a part of Microsoft and known as Outlook too. Every person who uses Hotmail account wants a smooth or trouble-free experience, but unable to get that due to occurrences of some issues. There are many problems found by the Hotmail users, but the biggest most common faced is log in issues. Users are unable to log into their account so many times especially a newbie. In this case, you must the reason that why it is happening to settle the problems and to for this, you must contact the technical experts of Hotmail Customer Care Number UK. Here, in this blog, some reasons are mentioned which create this issue for you in Hotmail account.  
• Might forgetting the username or password  
People usually forget account’s username and password while logging into their account. At this time, they get an error message that username or password is incorrect. This is the situation when forgetting password will help you in getting the situation normal.  
• Security reasons  
Most of the times, security is the main concern for your account due to that, it is not getting logged in. you have to make sure that you are following proper security procedure while creating your account. If Hotmail security finds any things which any spam activity in your account that you do, then makes you unable to log into your account. Always make your account more secure with the details that Hotmail needs so that login issue will not appear in front of you.  
In case, you are not able to do that, then you must take help from the certified experts so that you can easily solve the problem in a less time that you require.

2 Methods to Resolve Slow Running Problem in Norton Antivirus

Every person who is using anti-virus from Norton wants to get the smooth running process which is not easy to get for so many users. In this case, users are in the situation of looking for best resolution of this issue, but not getting the proper one. Norton has trusted antivirus software used by millions of users globally because it gives the easiest interface and quality system protection. With these qualities, it shows technical issues that trouble the users and slow running of the programs is the biggest one. Now, a question pops up in our head that what to do to fix that? Its answer is not as simple as we consider so far as many reasons are working on this issue. The instant way to resolve the problem is to talk with the experts of Norton Cuotomer Care Number UK. Here, in this blog, two methods or ways are mentioned that will surely help you in countering the problem which you should follow.

1.    Clean the Space of Computer

One of the biggest reasons to the issue is space of the computer. People commonly do not give attention to the space of the system and keep facing the problem.  To check this, you have to go to My Computer and check the default or C-drive of your system. If it is showing red, then it means that you are not having the required space. Clean that or transfer the data to another drive. It will clean the space and let the antivirus take proper space for working properly.

2.    Stop Background Running Applications

Every computer user uses too many applications at a time which makes the system slow as well as antivirus. You need to make sure; background apps are not running if that is not is use so. Close that and experience the better speed of Norton antivirus.

In case, you have done these two things and still, programs are not working as per it should perform, then you should immediately talk to the technical experts of Norton Support Number UK. They are the ones who can resolve the issue in a short time and that too in a right way. Technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable ones that are why give you an instant solution to any tech issue. 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Resolve AVG AntiVirus Program Scanning Time Slow Issue

At times we see that AVG antivirus program take too much time in scanning. Scanning time and speed mainly depends on the size of files and documents you have in the particular drive, but sometimes scanning become slow because you are using an outdated or an old version of AVG. If this is the case then remove the old version and install the latest version of AVG antivirus. This will resolve slow scanning issue, but if the problem persists then this could be due to other technical reasons. Allow our tech experts at AVG service center to fix the issue through phone call. 

If you want to more about us, please click this link- AVG Help Number UK

Thursday, 3 August 2017

IMAP Setting Instructions for Hotmail Account on iPhone

Hotmail is today an outdated thing and is like a lost soul but there are people who are still using it and are also using it on their device, surprisingly in their iPhone also. But for those who are still using the Hotmail account, they need to set up an IMAP account for the Hotmail. Generally all the Android and Mac devices need POP3 account and we got to know the difference between the two, especially to the beginners. 

POP3 is a single way of checking the emails. While setting the account on your iPhone, Android or Microsoft outlook or any other email client, or if you download an email on the phone or on the desktop, it just downloads a copy of the mail. So if you delete or read any email, it does not affect the mails in your Hotmail account. Now days, people are mostly using their phones to check their mails, so if you need to delete the email on your phone, you have to first log in to your Hotmail account to delete the mail. This actually irks the user as the mails deleted on the mobile device remain in the account if the Hotmail is opened in the computer and while deleting each one of them, the user needs to make sure if any important mail is not deleted.  This sometimes annoys the users and kills their hell time in checking and deleting hundreds of mails which they have deleted from their mobile device before or a month ago. 

IMAP on the other hand is a two way email checking method. When the user reads or deletes and email on phone or any other email client such as Outlook, the email is updated in her/his account as well. For example if an email is deleted on the phone, it will be deleted from the account as well.

As we discussed earlier, this article is a great help for the beginners. So, before making the option it is suggested to go through the setting especially for those who hold iPhone in their hands. 

•       Go to Settings – Mail, Contact, Calendars
•       Click on Add Account…
•       Choose Microsoft Exchange
•       Fill in the fields shown (Leave domain blank and your login should be your email address)
•       Click next and it will ask for server. Use
•       Choose if you want your email, contacts or calendar synced. 

By following the setting instructions, you can easily run your Hotmail account in your iPhone device. If in case you face any kind of challenges or problems in installing and configuring the Hotmail account in your iPhone, the customer care services in UK are readily available for you. Dial the toll free Hotmail Customer Care Number UK anytime to contact for Hotmail account support and enjoy the smooth accessing of Hotmail.

Learn the Android settings for AVG antivirus to avoid threats

AVG anti-virus is a well known antivirus product in the market. It is the abbreviation of Anti Virus Guard and is a part of antivirus software being developed by AVG technologies. AVG is a subsidiary of Avast software still operates as an independent entity and is available for Windows, Mac OS and Android. 

As we know there are increasing numbers of Android users in the world. Due to it’s easy to use configuration and one tap options, Android has become the number one choice for most of the users. But since they are the technical devices and need to get protected from different kinds of malware, having a supportive and safe antivirus may help them to respond better and uninterruptedly. AVG antivirus in that respect can be the boon to the android users as they have the mentioned benefits to install in your android device:- 
  1. AVG Installation is quite easy 
  2. Auto update can be done easily online (Schedule update) 
  3. AVG can be installed via play store with a click or through any of the browsers as a plug-in so it is safer surfing 
  4. AVG Virus scanning is faster 
  5. Memory used on the device is not too much 
  6. Resident option does not slow down the device performance 
  7. Other brilliant features are Anti-Spyware, Link-Scanner, Email Scanner 
  8. AVG is benefited from Anti Spam 
But before you install this useful app in your Android device, you must know how to avoid threats related to settings in AVG Anti-Virus. We can explain the general setting instructions by describing the potential threats and the recommended solutions: 

For enabling USB debugging- 

Settings location: Application settings > Development > USB debugging 

After going through this setting, one can enable the USB debugging and then the virus creators can use the connection between the PC and the mobile device to run malicious commands or to transfer viruses from the PC to the mobile device. It is always suggested to unselect the USB debugging checkbox to disable this setting. 

To enable the "Unknown sources"- 

Application settings > Unknown sources 

When this option is enabled, Android apps can be downloaded and installed from any un-trusted web source. You should always unselect the unknown sources checkbox to disable this setting. 

If in case, you are still unable to place the settings, you want to get AVG antivirus support from UK through contact at AVG Helpline Number UK. On this helpline you can get any kind of AVG Support UK. Get your favourite antivirus installed in your android device now and enjoy the online world uninterruptedly.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Why Avira free antivirus is the best option for basic users in UK?

Everyday our computers are exposed to different kinds of virus threats. Fortunately we have great anti-virus programs to fight with the malwares around. Some are available for free and some are paid but every antivirus program has the only role of debugging and preventing the spying and intrusion activities of the malicious programs. 

Naturally, the premium versions of the software will offer extra features. However, the free versions of the antivirus programs can also protect our computers powerfully. For regular UK users, although it is nice to have but it is not necessary to use all the features that the premium antivirus programs offer. Currently, Avira Free Antivirus and AVG Antivirus Free are two of the best free antivirus programs available. Let’s explore more about the Avira free antivirus in this article or you can call at toll free Avira Customer Care Number UK. 

Avira Free Antivirus 

Avira Free Antivirus can be easily installed on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. As most of the people don’t use the older versions of Microsoft’s operating system, Avira is easy to download and install. It will only take up 21MB of space on your computer and it won’t use a lot of resources. Its interface is user- friendly and this is why the users have no difficulties in using this antivirus program. The full set of Avira Connect tools will add the antivirus itself, a password manager, a built- in VPN, and a sponsored search engine that will only display the results customized safe by Avira. Users are free to choose which tools they should keep on their computers as mostly all of them are optional. The program also includes Avira System Speedup free feature that provides a number of system optimization tools. 

Interestingly, while going for the AV Test protection, Avira scored 5 out of 6 and thus proves to be very efficient for the users in UK. The performance of the malware detection engine in Avira is really good which scored 98.9% and 98.1% in real-world live malware-exposure trials, and 99.8% and 99.9% detection rates when scanning a reference set of recent malware in a test conducted earlier this year. 

In earlier tests, Avira proved false positives in its programs but in recent tests, it has been able to score well for a satisfied and trusted service for the customers. Interestingly, Avira Free Antivirus also features a gaming mode which will allow users to mute notifications while playing games. Also, while a game is on, the antivirus won’t complete any checks, so it won’t use up any resources. 

In a nutshell, Avira free antivirus brings high level of protection by using limited resources with an added advantage of VPN in it. So choosing Avira free antivirus for other competitive antivirus programs is a wise decision. In case you get stuck to any technical error while installing, updating or using the program, you must immediately contact the customer care at Avira Support Phone Number UK and get helped.